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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: IP clearance officer for accepting Terraform
Date Wed, 23 Jun 2021 06:25:47 GMT

Thanks for the clarifications and history it useful to know all of this.

> I started, maintained and build most of both these code bases. And as far as I know I'm
(still) legally both the author and the owner of the IP as the company I work for (for the
last 12 years) has a chapter in their contract that states that any open source contributions
made are "owned" by the employee and not the company.

That's good to know. What about the other major contributor's contributions? I would assume
that they or their employers would own the IP?

> Probably also imortant to know, is that I initially started both these projects using
the Apache License, Version 2.

The MPL license was part of a commit on 6th Jun 2017, no license file existed before that,
that I can find from a quick search anyway. Since then eight versions have been released (including
the first 0.1 release). So I think it's clear to say that any code committed after the 0.1
release was under the MPL license.

Kind Regards,

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