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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: IP clearance officer for accepting Terraform
Date Tue, 22 Jun 2021 14:56:44 GMT

Please stop mixing public and private lists. Feel free to forward any email to the relevant
private list but don’t mix them as it's very easy for something that should only appear
on a private list to become public.

> The codebases are under Sander's control who also was the original/main author who had
maintained the repo under the 'hashicorp' Github org, and all top 5 contributors (including
Sander) have agreed to the initiative including re-licensing under APLv2 (already done now).

There are more than 5 major contributors and I’m not sure that your top 5 contributors have
actually agreed. Please provide documentations that shows this. 

If you look at the IP clearance documentation it states "Either an Individual CLA or Corporate
CLA is preferred to a Software Grant. All authors must sign an Individual CLA; or all owners
of IP must sign one of the three documents and send to secretary” 

Has this been done?

> I don't see why we need permission from Hashicorp (the company) but feel free to advise:

Who owns the IP? Just because Sander is the original author of some of the code doesn't mean
he owns the IP. If he did the work while he was employed by Hashicorp (and I don't know if
this was the case) it’s likely they own the IP not him, but his employment contract may
have stated something else. Again the same applies for the other contributors.

A further complication is the code wasn’t under a license that is compatible with the Apache

I’m not sure that due diligence has been done here, please provide documentation that shows

Kind Regards,
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