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From Lewis John McGibbney <>
Subject Re: Release Helm chart as a derived downstream software artifact
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2021 21:15:21 GMT
Hi general@,

I wanted to loop around/close off this thread by stating what I did and what the results were.
With Gav McDonald's kind assistance I was able to publish the tika-helm [0] Charts to the
Apache deployment of Artifactory/JFrog at [1]
The entire process is documented at [3] for anyone else who would like to replicate it.
Maybe it is time to update [3] and add Artifactory/JFrog as a deployment option?

Literally now someone who wanted to consume this artifact could literally do

% helm repo add tika
% helm install tika tika/tika --version ${release_version}



On 2021/04/17 02:54:30, Lewis John McGibbney <> wrote: 
> Hi general@,
> I'm interested in releasing tika-helm [0]. tika-helm is a derived, downstream Helm chart
which provides a lightweight way to configure and run the official apache/tika Docker image
on Kubernetes.
> I would like the first release of this package to be an official Apache release. I am
therefore of the mindset that it should be treated as any other official Apache source code
> Can someone point me to a precedent or policy pertaining to the publication of derived
downstream software artifacts such as containers, Helm charts, etc.
> Thank you
> lewismc
> [0]
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