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From "kezhenxu94@apache" <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Incubating Proposal of Shenyu
Date Wed, 21 Apr 2021 13:32:22 GMT
In addition to Sheng’s list, I’ll also suggest the community to reconsider
the project name “ShenYu”, because from a quick search, there are several
potential branding / trademark conflicts, such as [1], [2], and [3].

Note that there is no official Chinese names for ASF Projects so you won’t
have “神禹” officially to distinguish yourself from others with the same pinyin “ShenYu”.

You may not want to change the name again later b/c that's a lot of work
and can be disruptive to your community, as you’ve already changed once.

[1] SHENYU Official Store <>
[2] Shenyu <>
[3] 神鱼(SHENYU)京东自营旗舰店

> On Apr 19, 2021, at 21:24, Sheng Wu <> wrote:
> Hi Shenyu community
> IPMC has an internal discussion these 2 days. My concerns have been
> resolved.
> Some IPMC members want to give the following suggestions to the Shenyu's
> team
> - The incubating evaluation process only runs some checks on project
> branding, IP clearance, and community-related issues.
> - There is no endorsement of the project's technology from Apache or the
> mentor side even if the project is accepted by Apache Incubator.
> - Company affiliations of potential committers shouldn't matter. Anyone can
> become a committer not matter who they work for.
> - Code and no of commits is not the only activity that result in
> committership.
> - It is best to keep the committer bar low.
> - Dictators / leaders, friendly or other wise are not welcome. The code and
> management of that must be given over to the community.
> - Don't play the number game. The Apache counts on the real community
> activities. A TLP could be a big or small community, but need to be real.
> These are going to be very important with other Apache cultures you need to
> learn and follow.
> If you are willing to learn and follow from your experienced mentors and
> IPMC, I am welcome you to join the incubator journey.
> And this kind of argument is normal, you will experience more and must have
> to face -1 one day, at least when releasing, which would not be pleasant
> always and also normal cases. :)
> Once you get the idea and baseline, it would not be that hard.
> Work closely with your community and mentors, have good luck.
> I am looking forward to your new proposal.
> Sheng Wu 吴晟
> Twitter, wusheng1108
> Sheng Wu 吴晟
> Twitter, wusheng1108
> Sheng Wu <> 于2021年4月18日周日 下午2:41写道:
>> Thanks, Duo.
>> Look forward to a better version of their proposal.
>> Sheng Wu 吴晟
>> Twitter, wusheng1108
>> 张铎(Duo Zhang) <> 于2021年4月18日周日 下午12:11写道:
>>> Thanks Willem for clarifying.
>>> As long as the community status is not important when joining incubtor(it
>>> is important when graduating), and there are some concerns, let's remove
>>> the sensitive words such as 'diverse' in the proposal, just mention that
>>> the project is already open sourced and has an initial community, so we
>> do
>>> not need to argue on this any more.
>>> And lack of English skill is a problem. Talking with the project leaders,
>>> they need to use google translate a lot when the topic is not about tech,
>>> so it is easy for them to be misunderstood.
>>> So let's focus on the problems which must be solved before joining the
>>> incubator. I think the initial committer candidate is a problem and I saw
>>> the project leaders have already started to solve it.
>>> And also, I agree with Willem that, joining incubator does not mean
>>> endorsement from ASF and the mentors about technology. We just want to
>> help
>>> the project to build the community in Apache way in the future.
>>> Thanks.
>>> Willem Jiang <> 于2021年4月17日周六 下午11:08写道:
>>>> After having some talk with the project leaders, we will start a
>>>> discussion in the dromara community to make a clear initial committer
>>>> choosing standard.
>>>> Then we will update the initial committer list by asking the selected
>>>> committer if they want to join as the initial committer.
>>>> BTW, to be more clear,  the incubating evaluation process only runs
>>>> some checks on project branding, IP clearance and community related
>>>> issues.
>>>> There is no endorsement of the project's technology from Apache or the
>>>> mentor side if the project is accepted by Apache Incubator.
>>>> Willem Jiang
>>>> Twitter: willemjiang
>>>> Weibo: 姜宁willem
>>>> On Sat, Apr 17, 2021 at 7:36 AM Justin Mclean <
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>>> We have make the election criterion of initial committer:
>> continuously
>>>>>>> contribute for the last one year, code of lines over 3000, commits
>>>> over 15.
>>>>> While not as high as some TLP this seems a little too high to me. A
>> year
>>>> is a long time for someone to hang about on the chance they become a
>>>> committer. They will probably make your incubation journey longer. It’s
>>>> also important to remember that people should b able to become
>> committers
>>>> by not contributing code but by helping out in other ways, in
>> particular
>>>> anything to do with community building.
>>>>>>> So Yonglun Zhang, Jinwei Qin and Lei Zhang will be removed from
>> the
>>>>>>> committers list.
>>>>> There is no real harm is having more initial committers. The PMC /
>>>> committer list can be refined at graduation and people who have not
>> made
>>>> contributions removed.
>>>>>>> During 2020-11~2020-12, we held source code sharing events.
>>>>> Who was involved in the organisation f these events, I hope they are
>> on
>>>> the initial committer list.
>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>> Justin
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Zhenxu Ke (柯振旭)
GitHub @kezhenxu94

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