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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Liminal (incubating) 0.0.2rc1-INCUBATING
Date Tue, 20 Apr 2021 22:15:50 GMT

> And that’s my point: chardet is not a direct Liminal dependency, but actually an Airflow
> So, I think that’s either Liminal can release "as it is" or Airflow should address
this dependency.

If you had a WIP-DISCLAIMER and listed this issue in it you could make a release.

I wold contact Airflow and have a chat to them and see why it needed. 

BTW I’m not 100% sure it is an Airflow dependancy, but I’m not 100% familiar with how
python pip tools work.

pipdeptree for me gives:

  - docopt [required: Any, installed: 0.6.2]
  - yarg [required: Any, installed: 0.1.9]
    - requests [required: Any, installed: 2.25.1]
      - certifi [required: >=2017.4.17, installed: 2020.4.5.1]
      - chardet [required: >=3.0.2,<5, installed: 4.0.0]
      - idna [required: >=2.5,<3, installed: 2.10]
      - urllib3 [required: >=1.21.1,<1.27, installed: 1.26.2]

pipdeptree --reverse --packages chardet gives:

  - requests==2.25.1 [requires: chardet>=3.0.2,<5]
    - yarg==0.1.9 [requires: requests]
      - pipreqs==0.4.10 [requires: yarg]

Which is different to what you have.

 Pipregs is just for producing requirements.txt right? So it may not be a runtime dependancy
and be considered optional?

From  running  pip-licenses Yargs is MIT, requests is ALv2 and chardet is LGPLv2.


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