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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Podling Mentor Count
Date Sun, 06 Dec 2020 18:29:49 GMT
Note the change in subject.

> In recent times I've notice that incubating projects with a large number of initial mentors
seem to have a very slow start. I’m not sure if the issue is that each mentor assumes someone
else will do the job or something else but 3 initial mentors seems to be the sweet spot.

I think you are discussing a sample size of one or two - eg. BlueMarlin, Liminal.

I also think the IPMC needs to be concerned when Mentors drop out leaving a podling with ZERO
or ONE mentor.

Here is a review of all current podlings.

(1) AGE has 4 mentors.
(2) Annotator has 2 mentors including mentors there are 5 in the PPMC.
(3) BlueMarlin now has 5 mentors. I resigned, it was 6.
(4) bprc has 3 mentors.
(5) Crail has 3 mentors.
(6) Daffodil now has 3 mentors. Thanks Kevin.
(7) DataLab has 4 mentors.
(8) DataSketches has 5 mentors and there is a Graduation resolution with the Board.
(9) DolphinScheduler has 5 mentors,
(10) Doris has 3 mentors. (I think another could be helpful.)
(11) ECharts has 4 mentors and there is a Graduation resolution with the Board.
(12) Flagon has 4 mentors.
(13) Gobblin has 3 mentors.
(14) Heron has 4 mentors.
(15) Hivemall has 2 mentors 
(16) Hop has 5 mentors, but 2 of them are Apache Members not on the IPMC. (I’m not sure
whose clerical error that is)
(17) Liminal has 5 mentors. Is this another of your slow start podlings? From the roster it
looks like it.
(18) Livy has 3 mentors.
(19) Marvin-AI has 2 mentors.
(20) Milagro has 2 mentors.
(21) MXNet has 4 mentors.
(22) Nemo has 4 mentors.
(23) NLPCraft has 5 mentors. I resigned it was 6. They are doing fine.
(24) NuttX has 5 mentors.
(25) PageSpeed has 3 mentors.
(26) Pegasus has 4 mentors.
(27) Pinot has 4 mentors.
(28) Pony Mail has 2 mentors. Pony Mail is special.
(29) Ratis has 3 mentors.
(30) SAMOA has ZERO mentors. Does anyone want to volunteer? Or do we need to Retire this podling?
(31) SDAP has 2 mentors.
(32) Sedona has 4 mentors.
(33) Spot has ONE mentor. Any volunteers?
(34) StreamPipes has 5 mentors.
(35) Teaclave has 5 mentors.
(36) Toree has 3 mentors.
(37) Training has 4 mentors.
(38) TubeMQ has 5 mentors.
(39) Tuweni has 2 mentors.
(40) Weex has 2 mentors, but I think that Myrle resigned and that was not recorded.
(41) YuniKorn has 4 mentors.

Podlings are generally good when there are 3-5 mentors.

(A) Problems happen when there are more mentors than initial committers. We should reject
such proposals. I think that fits what Justin expressed. (I could be wrong)

(B) Mentors on a proposal need to actually vote for the proposal so that we get a true response.

(C) We need to not chase away mentors so that podlings end up with ZERO or ONE mentor. We
need to find replacements and if we can’t we must retire such podlings since we are not
supporting them.

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