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From Brennan Ashton <>
Subject [RESULTS][VOTE] Release Apache NuttX (Incubating) 10.0.0 [RC0]
Date Thu, 03 Dec 2020 05:13:43 GMT
Hi all,

The vote to release Apache NuttX (incubating) 10.0.0-rc0 is now closed.
Thanks to those that took the time to review and vote.

The release has passed with 3 +1 (binding) votes and no 0 or -1 votes.


+1 Justin Mclean
+1 Duo Zhang
+1 Dave Fisher

+1 Nathan Hartman

Vote thread

We will proceed with the official release of 10.0.0.

Thank you Dave for joining the voting from outside the project this
round and for taking the time to identify some more things that we need
to be looking into.  We really appreciate it.

There were a couple notes from the voting which I will also list here: 
1. There is encryption software included and require an ECCN filing.
    * You are correct, I think this was overlooked when the project
initially joined the incubator. We will look at what we want to do
here.  There are only a couple implementations here and we may want to
replaced these with something more standard like Apache MyNewt did and
file with that.
2. FAT patent and Field of Use on chip specific software
    * These are both in the NOTICE right now, but we can open a LEGAL
ticket for the FAT issue.
    * The Field of Use issue is something that is constrained to a
couple placed (NXP) that have been noted in the NOTICE and I think the
plan is to figure out how to remove it.  This is something that was not
allowed before we joined Apache, but managed to slip in.
3. Signing key expiry too soon.
    * This came up in a previous release and since then I extended the
subkey to be a year.  How long should we be setting the expiry going
forward, I figured this would be long enough?
4. A lot of files are still not under the ASF header.
    * We have a long way to still go on this, but are trying to chip
away as we can.  I will say that people have really stepped up recently
and have gotten over 35 ICLA signed in the last month.  Big shout out
to Matt Sicker and Craig Russell for processing all of these.


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