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From Nick Kew <>
Subject Re: Where to get feedback on a project before formulating a proposal
Date Tue, 24 Nov 2020 12:39:17 GMT

> On 24 Nov 2020, at 04:15, Daniel Widdis <> wrote:
> I manage a mature open source project (as the “benevolent dictator”) and am considering
transitioning my project to community management in the Apache Way.  I have spent a few weeks
reading about the Apache Incubator process including most documentation I can find on the
site, conference presentations, and other materials.  I am still interested, but would like
to speak more with other community members prior to creating a proposal.

Whose initiative is this?  If it's you acting as dictator, the first thing to do is discuss
it within your own community.  If it's coming from them and they're pressing you
with positive reasons to move, that's a good start.

One gotcha to be aware of is that Apache expects project work to happen both
openly and on-record.  If your community is accustomed to doing most of its
communication in an interactive channel such as slack (let alone anything like zoom
that uses speech rather than text), you'll have to change that to be inclusive of
people who aren't party to that - including for example prospective newcomers who
want to browse an archive before jumping in!  This can be a sticking-point.

Does it relate to one or more existing Apache project?  If so, that would be a good
place to look for folks who'll take an interest.

Nick Kew
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