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From Lewis John McGibbney <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Graduate Apache Flagon (incubating) as a Top Level Project
Date Thu, 08 Oct 2020 16:15:25 GMT
Hi Justin,

On 2020/10/08 07:48:04, Justin Mclean <> wrote: 

> Re the logo URL I though that redirected but doesn’t they

Thanks for pointing this out. I'll go ahead and revive the Flagon logo thread we had on dev@flagon.
This is by no means a blocker for graduation though. 

> The points were (and were repeated for 4 reports):
>  1. Grow the Flagon Committer/Contributor/Community Base
>  2. Refine release processes for core analytic product (Distill)
>  3. Finalize (through vote) Flagon logo, get marketing approvals (e.g swag)

Your quite right Justin. These 'were' stated and repeated. The question they were in response
to was "### Three most important unfinished issues to address before graduating:" I've never
really liked this question as it indicates that the project cannot graduate before it fixes
three abitrary things. For example, if "Defining [a] release process"... really blocking for
the podling graduating? No in my opinion it is not. Similarly, is finalizing a logo? In my
opinion it is not. 

I would like to see this question rephrased to "### Three most important unfinished issues
to make progress on before graduating:"

I will also comment that these "Three most important unfinished issues" can change over time
if more "important unfinished issues" come up. In light of that, the October2020 report accurately
reflects the state of the project i.e. that it is ready for graduation.

> So it looks like the project did intend to release Distill?

It 'did' in the past but no longer does. This is a sign of product and community maturation.
Distill is no longer actively maintained by the community. This is stated in bold on the product

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