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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: New distribution guidelines
Date Mon, 05 Oct 2020 11:35:39 GMT

Thanks for the feedback.

> There's some spurious text at the start of the page.

I’ll remove this.

> Also, what does the acronym IP mean?

IP = Intellectual property

> - "Releases must be placed in the Apache mirror system."
> Which releases are being referred to here? Source and binaries, or just sources?

The intention was source releases (but both can be placed there), I’ll update it to say

> - "Source releases and convenience binaries need to be made from IPMC
> and PPMC approved ASF releases."
> As it stands, the sentence appears to be recursive.

It means you can’t make a release from a random point in version control. Releases distributed
on other platforms need to come from what was contained in a voted releases. Can you suggest
some better wording? Perhaps simplifying to “Convenience binaries need to be made from IPMC
approved ASF releases” is better?

> - "Where possible it should be pointed out that Apache project make
> source releases and convenience binaries are just a convenience for
> end user."
> Does not read well.

I agree how about "Apache projects make source releases but can if needed provide convenience
binaries to end users.”?

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