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From Michael Semb Wever <>
Subject Re: [IP CLEARANCE] Apache Cassandra Harry
Date Wed, 16 Sep 2020 18:50:18 GMT
Thanks John, a number of things mentioned are soaking in.

Some questions/answers inlineā€¦

> Typically the flow is to vote on your dev list then vote here.  Once that's
> done, the vote should be in the bottom votes section of the IP Clearance.

There has been discussion (and the jira ticket) on the contribution already, so the dev vote
was (in practice) a formality (more of the ip clearance details than accepting the code).

The links to the this thread and the dev vote are in the doc. It just takes time to update
the website :(

> Looking at the related threads on Cassandra lists, I'm not sure why Nate
> McCall was selected.  

Nate and I were working on it together. 
Still rather I change the name to me?

> The only thing that looks a miss is that the chain of custody seems odd.
> It appears the PMC created a repo, had someone fork the repo and dump the
> code there.  

That's on me. I suggested creating the git repo in advance (using selfserve.a.o)

Then we could not find `/repos/asf/incubator/donations`
Asking around didn't help much either.

So at that point the easiest place to dump it was in a fork.

> Since the two contributors listed are already PMC
> members (and I only see content from one such developer) it's very hard to
> follow whether or not all of the original authors are listed.  Typically
> you would only change the headers once an SGA is filed, but I think all I
> see is a CCLA.  Did the CCLA include comments indicating this code was to
> be contributed?

All authors are listed and correct. Their ICLA cover the work completely, no CCLA is required.
I have double checked this with the authors. It is my understanding, with two PMC with ICLA,
that the SGA is also not needed here. 

I am also aware that the IP Clearance probably isn't needed here. But because this work was
done over a period of time in private, the IP Clearance process kicked off before we saw all
this in the clear.


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