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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Distribution guidelines for other platforms
Date Mon, 06 Jul 2020 02:30:10 GMT

> Does the convenience binaries include nightlys? Or CI test builds?

In general they do not not, as wording states “approved releases” i.e. that means that
the IPMC must vote on the release artefact. Also note that only approved code can be in a
convenance binary, which again means it only includes code voted on by the IPMC in a release.

However, it would be expected that these other types of builds follow these guidelines, but
as there are not based on an offical releases there might be some differences. The main issue
with these sort of releases would be distribution to end users, which is not allowed, so it
needs to be made very clear that this is for development and testing use only and that end
users are not using these in production or elsewhere. A large number of downloads from these
platforms would suggest that the platform is being used by end users and steps may need to
be taken to prohibit that.

> If yes, what's the recommendation if a project needs to test category X optional dependencies?

This is not covered and it would be good to have a seperate discussion about this. IMO It
probably should be discussed on a case by case basis. In general these could not be called
Apache releases or distributed on ASF platforms, and would be treated as 3rd party releases
with different branding and trademark requirements. Currently permission from legal and/or
infra and/or the IPMC is likely to be needed to do this.

>> Where possible it should be pointed out that Apache project make source releases
and convenience binaries are just a convenience for end user.
> What's the reason for requiring this statement? Can a project choose to vote on a binary
release under ALv2 to make it official?

Currently with ASF policy, no binary releases are “official” as we make source releases
only. This may change in the near future. However, binary releases are expected to comply
with ASF policy on licensing, branding, trademarks, releases and distribution just like source

> What does this mean to the PPMCs? Would it be more helpful if this includes reference
to the branding policies that the PPMCs should adhere to and protect? (e.g. [1][2][3])

This is already linked to in the Incubator policy / guidelines.

> Would there be cases where the convenience binaries must be licensed under a different
but non-Category-x license due to dependencies? If so, what's the recommendation?

The dependancies don’t effect the license only what is bundled in the release does that.
If other Category A and Category B items are included in the release then that is fine as
they are compatible with the Apache license when used in this way. So I can't think of a situation
were a distribution would need to be licensed under a different license. If it was then it
wouldn’t be an Apache release as all release need to be under the Apache license.

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