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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Distribution guidelines for platforms
Date Sun, 12 Jul 2020 21:46:49 GMT
Hi Justin,

To me the Foundation Dev Guidance comes first and it is currently buried within the Incubator
policy and guidance.

A reference to ought to be first from any incubator policy
or guidance page. Problems with the dev page should be addressed. If the Foundation wide policy
and guidance is weak then that should be fixed so that an Incubating podlings can use the
proper information.

To me the only way that the Incubator policy guidance differs from ASF policy guidance is:

- Disclaimers
- IPMC vote on releases on general@
- Allowing non-Apache legacy releases in transition.

I agree that guidance would be helpful for distribution channels other than those Infrastructure
supports, but that guidance should be at the Foundation level. Anything put out just for the
Incubator may run into other issues in the future and could lead to confusion or conflict.


> On Jul 11, 2020, at 7:55 PM, Justin Mclean <> wrote:
> HI,
>> This lacks proper reference to existing Apache Policies and instead rewrites it.
> There no rewriting here. If you want reference to policies does this work for you?
> "In addition to the Apache mirror system incubating projects may distribute artifacts
on other platforms as long as they follow these general guidelines:
> 	•	Releases must be placed in the Apache mirror system. [1]
> 	•	Source releases and convenience binaries need to be made from IPMC and PPMC approved
ASF releases.[2][3]
> 	•	Where possible it should be pointed out that Apache project make source releases
and convenience binaries are just a convenience for end user.[4]
> 	•	Convenience binaries need to follow licensing policy and not include any category
X licensed software. [5]
> 	•	Convenience binaries should be signed and have hashes to verify their contents.
> 	•	Release candidates, nightlys and snapshots must not be advertised to the general
> 	•	Apache project branding and naming needs to be respected. [8]
> 	•	It should be clear that the artifacts are under the ALv2 license.[9]
> 	•	An incubating disclaimer must be clearly displayed where the artifacts are made
available. [10]
> 	•	All PPMC members must have access to administer the platform and the credentials
recorded where any PPMC member can access them. [11]
> 	•	Where possible these artifacts should not be referred to as releases.[12]
> 	•	Where possible use platforms officially supported by Infra. [13]
> All of the above SHOULD be followed. The podling can ask the IPMC for permission to do
> Again this is to help podling comply with existing policy and does not rewrite it.
> Thanks,
> Justin
> 1.
> 2.
> 3.
> 4.
> 5.
> 6.
> 7.
> 8
> 9
> 10
> 11.
> 12.
> 13.
(currently a PR on that policy to make this clearer)
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