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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Distribution guidelines for other platforms
Date Mon, 06 Jul 2020 21:45:36 GMT

> For clarity, you mean that the dependencies included in a binary fit valid classes of
licenses with correct notices.

No, while that might also be the case, what I was saying is that a release must be voted on
by the IPMC.

>>> Would there be cases where the convenience binaries must be licensed under a
different but non-Category-x license due to dependencies? If so, what's the recommendation?
>> The dependancies don’t effect the license only what is bundled in the release does
that. If other Category A and Category B items are included in the release then that is fine
as they are compatible with the Apache license when used in this way. So I can't think of
a situation were a distribution would need to be licensed under a different license. If it
was then it wouldn’t be an Apache release as all release need to be under the Apache license.
> If there were a huge reason for a category X inclusion then that would require changes
in policy which are highly unlikely. One of the strengths of the ASF is that are licensing
is considered to be safe.

A " non-Category-x license” was mentioned above so I don’t think this was about inclusion
of Category X. Given I can’t see a situation were the above situation would arise I'm not
100% sure what the question is referring to.

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