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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Distribution guidelines for platforms
Date Sun, 12 Jul 2020 22:35:34 GMT

> A reference to ought to be first from any incubator
policy or guidance page. Problems with the dev page should be addressed. If the Foundation
wide policy and guidance is weak then that should be fixed so that an Incubating podlings
can use the proper information.

These guidelines are about distribution of releases not making releases. The incubator already
has guidelines about releases [1] and it does reference
at the top. This information does not replace that. But yes referencing [2] (ASF distribution
policy) is a good idea.

> To me the only way that the Incubator policy guidance differs from ASF policy guidance
> - Disclaimers
> - IPMC vote on releases on general@
> - Allowing non-Apache legacy releases in transition.

- How PPMC member are elected
- How press announced can be made
- Branding and trademark

And guidance on how to follow other ASF policies. Mentors and IPMC members do that all the
time. This document helps in that regard and there is nothing in this document that isn’t
in policy elsewhere.

> I agree that guidance would be helpful for distribution channels other than those Infrastructure
supports, but that guidance should be at the Foundation level.

The Incubator has waited years for something to happen, the current draft policy doesn’t
address this, nor is it our remit to fix that policy. Do we just postpone all project graduations
that use other methods of distribution while we wait? Or prohibit them altogether? Or do we
provide best practice guidances that has input from the IPMC, legal and trademarks and has
been discussed on and off for over a year?

Currently we have more than one podling that are not following ASF policy on releases and
distribution. If they were pointed to and followed this document they would have be in compliance.


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