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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Podling Roll Calls for Security Issues
Date Fri, 03 Apr 2020 15:19:41 GMT
From my time on the Board there is often a decision to have a board member ask non-reporting
projects to do a roll call.

Perhaps the best text for this that I’ve seen is from Ted Dunning. I’ve adapted this for
podlings. I think it would be helpful for Mentors who find that a podling is non-responsive.
See below the "———“.

The Incubator has gone for sometimes years keeping podlings going. I think that having a roll
call would be a good tool for mentors.




I have some concern that the ***** project is moving toward an inactive state, It is not responsive
to a security issue and this might be good thing to mark officially. This happens to pretty
much all projects at some point, so it is something to consider a natural progression in the
project lifecycle. It is, however, something that should be dealt with.

The specific issue is that if the project cannot have three PPMC members who are active enough
to make releases and enough developer interest to respond to security issues, it is time to
retire ***** from Incubation. Source code will continue to be available after this and anybody
will be able to use the source code in a new project, but it will be clear that the project
is no longer active at Apache. This is often a relief to project members who have a strong
emotional commitment to the project, but who can no longer focus on the project.

To determine what the next step should be, it is traditional to have a roll call of the PPMC.
This email is a request for exactly that.

Please respond to this email with one of the following options:

1) I can't really contribute any more, but am happy if others carry the project forward

2) I think it is time to retire the podling as inactive and move it elsewhere or return it
to *****.

3) I am active in the project and have time and resources to vote on releases

Please also feel free to discuss in this thread how you might want to respond.
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