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From Gregory Nutt <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] NuttX Proposal
Date Mon, 02 Dec 2019 20:26:49 GMT

> This is a good discussion to have had before entering the incubator, and I'm satisfied
that the intent is good, and the podling can demonstrate during incubation that the founder
will in fact step back and allow the project to move forward without the founder's undue influence.
> Note that it's fine for the founder to continue to work on the project, but in a different

I have been standing back and not getting deeply involved with this 
discussion because it pertains too closely to me.  It is my intention to 
divest myself of total authority over the project just as stated in the 
Proposal.  Further, it is my intention to stay out of the initial 
formation of the project as much as possible, in partial fulfillment of 
Ted Dunning's "thought experiment."  I intend to vote 0 on all decisions 
before the PPMC -- unless, I suppose, I had some very strong opinion 
about some topic.  I cannot imagine what topic that might be, however.

I will be available as needed for information needed by the others to 
accomplish this transition but for the most part, just consider me as on 
vacation in place.  I will help as much as needed and stay out of the 
way as much as possible.

I suppose I should say a little more about my motivations in this.  
Without some understanding, is is reasonable to be skeptical.  Yes, the 
project is very dear to me and the result of many years of blood, sweat, 
and tears and years of work mostly done alone for crazy long hours.  
Being a "benevolent dictator" does not proper describe my past role 
because I was the ONLY person on the project.  I did everything.  I 
still do.

There are two things that motivate me:  First, the workload has gotten 
to be far too much for one person.  I dispose of around 60-100 changes 
per week and really have no personal life left.  It is more than I can 
do (and much more than I can do well).  The only real way to solve that 
is to open the project up to others working as equals.  The second, and 
more important, motivation is the I am closing in on 70 years old now.  
I retired 8 retires ago and I cannot realistically control this project 
long into the future.   For my personal health and sanity, I really need 
to detach and let the project take a life of its own that does not 
depend on me in any way.

I would see the biggest risk to a new PPMC would not be me, but rather 
the sheer volume of work that the PPMC is stepping into.  I am prepared 
for some initial chaos and perhaps a missed release cycle.  But I have 
come to accept that that is a reasonable price to pay for a clean 
knife-edge hand-off.


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