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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] YuniKorn Proposal
Date Sun, 15 Dec 2019 00:36:26 GMT

Thats for your replies.

> The reason the number of contributors not significantly grow is the project
> is hosted under, contributors from other companies are not
> comfortable with contributing to other company's repo and even hesitate to
> try that.

Fair enough. Are there any concerns along those lines given it still the same core set of
developers that will be working on it?

> To answer what is the philosophy behind non-code committers we added.
> - The initial committers are from several relevant Apache projects who are
> interested in YuniKorn and committed to giving guidance, suggestions and
> participant in the future if possible.

The if possible concerns me. Are these people committed to being PPMC members or not? All
initial commutes are PPMC members not just committers.

Do people on the initial committer list realise their responsibilities also include:
- voting on releases
- helping with board reports
- understand and applying ASF policies and values
- helping to grow the community
- voting on new committers and PPMC members

I not aware of the discussions that took place before this proposal come to the Incubator
so everyone may already be aware and willing to do that.
However, if that’s not the case, it may be better to vote them in as committers/PPMC members
once they make contributions to the project.

> We will add it to the proposal before a vote. We have done similar
> practices like a PODLINGNAMESEARCH. 

Great sounds good. Have you checked with Cloudera legal that they would be willing to hand
the name over to the ASF?

We recently has a situation where a podling was unable to use it name a few months into incubation
because of this and it caused Infra a lot of unnecessary work.


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