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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache DolphinScheduler (Incubating) 1.2.0
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2019 03:33:18 GMT

+0 (binding) 

it would have been good to see some attempt at fixing the licensing issues/LICENSE file, but
I trust this will be done with future releases.

I’m +0 rather than +1, even with the WIP disclaimer, for a few reasons:
- This release also contain content you probably don’t have permission to distribute. [1]
This has been discussed before [2]
- The release may include GPL code this should be made clear to the user in the DISCLAIMER,
I think it needs to be stronger than "Releases may have incomplete licensing conditions”
- It seems to me that you may of included code you did not intend to include in a source release
[3]. there are 368 pieces of 3rd party code there. None are mentioned in LICENSE.
- It seems some people voting checked what in GitHub rather than what was in the source release
- Several people stated that "All software dependencies are mentioned in LICENSE or NOTICE”
when it’s clearly not the case

I would suggest you cancel this RC and try again, but if you feel you need to make a release
and other IPMC member are happy with the above go for it.

I checked:
-incubating in name
- DISCLAIMER exists (WIP version)
- LICENSE is missing a while lot of bundled 3rd party software e.g. FontAwesome, IconFont,
cookie,.js, e5 shim, bootstrap etc etc
- NOTICE is fine
- all source files have ASF headers (but they could be added to some .sql files)
- no unexpected binary files
- can compile from source


1. ./dolphinscheduler-ui/node_modules/wordwrap/test/idleness.txt
3. ./dolphinscheduler-ui/node/node_modules/npm/node_modules

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