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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: Some interesting incubator stats
Date Fri, 22 Nov 2019 00:38:59 GMT

> 1) the number of podlings entering has dropped dramatically. Some of that
> drop is probably really good, but this drop is extreme. This could be
> github effect or could be that Apache is viewed as old fuddy-duddies. Can't
> tell from the data, but I bet everybody has an opinion, warranted or not.

Re the "this drop is extreme”, another way of looking at it is that 2015 and 2016 we accepted
too many projects and are still trying to digest them :-) A trend line through all of the
data is still increasing upwards over time.

But let's go with a decrease in the last couple of year. It’s hard to tell why from the
data alone. I think this is from a number of factors:
- We have been “rejecting” more projects
- Other options for project exists that didn’t before and we don’t actively encourage
projects to join us
- The Incubator mentor carrying capacity is near it’s limit, it was over it’s limit a
few years ago
- We have issues around diversity and are less attractive place to some projects to be because
of that
- Some difficultly with adopting to modern workflows

> 2) the mean and max times to incubate were goofy 10 years ago. We have no
> evidence that the maximum has gotten much better since we still have some
> very old podlings hanging around, but I feel like the median is a bit
> better.

One of the changes from about 10 years ago have a shift from projects sponsoring projects
to the incubator sponsoring them.

> 3) the minimum time to incubate has definitely increased over the last 10
> years. That might be due to the presence of the direct-to-TLP process.

Graphing the numbers Im not seeing that at all and it’s mostly the same. Given very few
project gave gone direct to TLP I wouldn’t expect this to have much of an impact.

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