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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject [MENTORS] Incubating projects report sign off
Date Tue, 12 Nov 2019 21:55:20 GMT

I’ve just taken a look at the last six months mentors report signoff. There been 196 sign
offs out of 331, giving a sign off rate of about 60%. I think we can do better than that.

As shown previously there's a strong correlation between mentors missing report signoff and
absent mentors, with 3 reports in a row not being signed off generally being a very good indication
that the mentor is missing. There’s currently 37 mentors how have missed at least 2 signoffs
in a row (as I only looked at 6 month data it’s unknown who in this list has missed 3 signoffs,
I would guess 1/2). The whimsey tool currently seems to be broken [1] (I raised a JIRA to
fix) due to the report format change to markdown.

So how can we get the sign off rate up?
- We could do what we did a years or so again and ask all mentors who have missed 3 reports
in a row if they have the time to continue to mentor a project.
- Encourage podlings to report non active mentors (there a question in the report about this,
but some podlings may be reluctant to report inactive mentors)
- Encourage mentors to step down if they don’t have the cycles to mentor. There’s no shame
in this and in doing so you're helping the podling.
- Encourage mentors to vote on reports. Other than just saying that are there any ideas on
how to do this?

We can use more stick e.g if miss 3 reports in a row and you’re automatically removed OR
we’ll not accept a graduation proposal with mentors listed as as PMC members who have not
signed off 80% or more of reports, but that may not be the best way to motivate people. Being
a mentor has few rewards other than satisfaction of doing job well, or in some cases recognition
and ASF membership.


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