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From "David P Grove" <>
Subject Re: Re: [Discuss] Graduate Apache OpenWhisk (incubating) as a TLP
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2019 15:42:44 GMT
Justin Mclean <> wrote on 07/02/2019 05:53:06 AM:
> There were a couple of minor issue around branding. communication
> and releases brought up in the discussion on graduation, I believe
> most (if not all) of these have been sorted or in progress of being
> sorted. Would you mind posting a short summary of what the PPMC is
> going about these issues?

Sure.  TL;DR I think your belief is correct; everything raised in that
discussion is handled or being handled.

1. Communication (ie, usage of Slack).
	a. Culturally, the project has transitioned to using the dev list and
github issues as the primary channels for technical discussion and decision
	b. Updated project website to strengthen guidance on appropriate
usage of Slack [1]
	c. Updated Slack configuration to remove historical/obsolete list of
ibm and adobe email domains from the Slack team sign in page.
	d. Attempted to change the Slack login page to have a link to our
open signup page [2], but this level of customization appears to not be
supported by Slack.

2. Branding
	a. Added a policy on usage of the OpenWhisk trademark to the project
website [3].
	b. The PPMC reviewed the lengthy list of non-Apache web pages and
github projects from the prior thread that mention OpenWhisk.
	c. Current branding by IBM and Adobe in their respective commercial
offerings that are based on OpenWhisk is generally consistent with Apache

3. Releases
	a. We've given up on using the short form license header in specific
file types. PRs have been merged across many git repos.  Next releases of
each component will uniformly use the long form header.
	b. Dockerhub. (still in progress as we have over 50 repositories in
the openwhisk organization)
		i. An initial pass through all repositories to have a minimal
consistent description has been completed.
		ii. Our CI/CD system now publishes using "nightly" instead of
"latest" (completed yesterday).
		iii. By the end of the week, the "latest" tag on dockerhub will
uniformly refer to an image built from an official release (not a nightly
	c. npmjs.  We reviewed our usage; it was already the case that
released packages correspond to official source releases.



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