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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: How do I go about podling I.P. clearance for the initial codebase?
Date Mon, 13 May 2019 20:31:54 GMT
Hi Kenneth,

I’m sorry about the state of documentation.

Let’s separate the ICLA requirement from the SGA question.

(1) Each initial committer / PPMC member needs to have an ICLA on file with secretary@apache
before their account is created. The mentors are responsible for tracking this and making
sure that the podling roster is up to date.

(2) SGAs are typically needed when the project code is donated by a company, these go to secretary@.
A CCLA might substitute for that, but that is up to legal-discuss@apache. Once the IP is cleared
then Infra will work with the PPMC to transfer repositories to the Apache repositories on
GitBox and GitHub.

(3) Once the repositories are moved then further steps of Copyright and License header change
can be done. These changes should be made by a PPMC member from the company making the donation.

I’m flagging this thread in order to look into documentation improvements. Patches are welcome


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> On May 13, 2019, at 12:24 PM, Kenneth Knowles <> wrote:
> Hi incubator,
> I am mentoring Datasketches and I am not clear on the I.P. clearance
> process for new podlings. We have a collection of filed ICLAs and SGA. What
> do I do now?
> Here are the resources I know of and have tried to incorporate into doing
> my own homework:
> podling guide for
> I.P. clearance talks about the big picture, and then links to...
> I have done this clearance for
> new additions to Beam but despite the link from the podling guide it says
> it is not for new projects, and then links to...
> linked from the above via a
> couple of routes, has a self-link
> which
> is a dead link.
> So I have looked over
> for any
> threads about the issue, or for any sign that there was a lazy consensus
> clearance thread. I simply did not find anything, perhaps due to my own
> skill at searching.
> Any pointers or tips? Have I simply missed the details of the process in
> one of those pages?
> Kenn

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