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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache OpenWhisk Runtimes v1.13.0-incubating
Date Sat, 04 May 2019 23:09:10 GMT

+1 (binding) 

I checked all releases:
- incubating in artefact names
- signatures and hashes fine
- NOTICE and LICENSE fine in most cases (but see below)
- Some files have incorrect headers (e.g [1]) or missing headers [2]. This has been brought
up before in previous releases.
- No unexpended binary files
- I didn’t try and compile

LICENSE issues:
- All releases include gradlew and gradlew.bat these files do not have headers and these 3rd
part files are not mentioned in the LICENSE.
- The go LICENSE incorrectly states you should add "Copyright 2015-2016  IBM Corporation”
to your own files
- the text of the license for Filetype 1.0.5 is not included (as required by it's license).
The pointer to the licenses should point to a copy of the license in distribution as licenses
and URLs can change over time.
- How is this file licensed? [3] Even if is it a “free” license it may have terms around
distribution that make it incompatible with the Apache license, and even if not then it still
good to list it in LICENSE.


1. ./incubator-openwhisk-runtime-docker-1.13.0-incubating/sdk/docker/
2.  ./incubator-openwhisk-runtime-go-1.13.0-incubating/examples/Makefile
3. ./incubator-openwhisk-runtime-python-1.13.0-incubating/core/python3AiAction/samples/smart-body-crop/fashion-men-1.jpg

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