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From Sheng Wu <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Mentors SHOULD vote on podling releases prior to asking IPMC to vote
Date Sat, 18 May 2019 15:10:35 GMT

Look like the topic changed, somehow? Why?
This should a discussion about the possibility and recommendation about **parallel vote**.

Let’s stay in that one, OK?

Back to the topic, as both IPMC and Zipkin mentor, 
**parallel vote** is good to improve the slow progress about incubator project release.

Apache NetBeans project is not alone, I have been there, also I took/am taking part in several
incubating projects.
Not just as mentor or ASF perspective, but as a community member, feature contributor, even
I have heard many many feedback about the time of release too long.

**parallel vote** fits the project which already have big community and mentors are active
in voting and discussion.
We(Incubator) need at least 3 +1 from IPMC, which could be mentors, and mostly from mentors,
when they are active.
Even in parallel mode, the IPMC still get at least 72 hours to recheck the release.

The purpose of incubator, from my understanding, is guiding the project to build the community,
be familiar with ASF, following ASF way and get better.
If **parallel vote** could help the project in that way, in this case, I want to say yes.

I know, if the project community is too young, and the mentors are not active, parallel vote
may make too many traffics.
I would suggest to get the suggestions from project mentors, they should be know the project
better than other IPMC.

Sheng Wu
Apache Skywalking, ShardingSphere, Zipkin

> 在 2019年5月18日,下午9:24,Justin Mclean <> 写道:
> Hi,
>> I nagged our mentors privately to vote and mentioned that I would be
>> trying a concurrent vote.
> IMO that communication should be public, part of doing things at the ASF is being open
and tranparent. Again IMO that decision would of been better done via consensus of the PPMC
and not conducted in private.
> Thanks,
> Justin
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