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From Julian Feinauer <>
Subject Re: Draft incubator report
Date Tue, 09 Apr 2019 08:43:05 GMT

thanks for your clarification. I can only speak for myself and I try to involve in discussions
where I think I can be helpful or where I have a strong opinion (usually from the podling
But, of course, I do not want to disturb things or annoy people on these lists, so I was a
bit confused by the sentence, as it is, indeed, a public list.

If its these "drive-by comments" that arre annoying then I would name that so, e.g. "What
seems less helpful in some cases is involvement of non-IPMC members which drop comments and
leave the discussion then."

But, I can also live with your clarification.


On 2019/04/09 08:31:03, Justin Mclean <> wrote: 
> Hi,
> > The last sentence indicates that non-IPMC members should not involve on this list?
Is this the case?
> Well we can’t stop them from being involved, and nor IMO should we,  it is a public
list after all. And most of the time they can be useful and helpful, it's just in some cases
they are not. it was more a summary of the several “drive-by comments” threads/conversations
we had.
> > For me it reads like we as non-IPMC members should calm down on this list. Is this
> Why would you re-word it? Any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Justin
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