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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Superset 0.32.0 based on Superset 0.32.0 RC2
Date Fri, 26 Apr 2019 02:39:12 GMT

Normally I would be -1 binding as there’s a number of issues here, however the most serious
one for a first release is that you are missing incubating from the artefact name. The artefacts
can be renamed without changing the hash or anything else, if you rename I’ll change my
vote to +1. Other IPMC members may think the issue are more serious and may also vote -1.
You may need to check with legal if it OK to distribute this release given the font licensing

The PPMC could also decide to not release this and cancel the vote because of the issues below
and instead  fix them and make another RC to vote on.

Using a checklist like this [2] when voting on releases might help, you can also ask the IPMC
to take a look at a release before putting it up for vote here.That’s probably a good thing
to do for a first release.

I checked:
- incubating is missing from name
- signatures and hashes good
- LICENSE is missing a few licenses (see below)
- NOTICE should not include LICENSE information e.g The line about CC 4.0. This may need to
be removed. Also this content may be Category X and this can’t included in a source release.
- Some 3rd party code have headers with "[LICENSE TBD]” [4][5][6][7][9] which seems odd
- The ASF headers on a number of files are not correct e.g the file [13] and other under that
directory (search for COPYRIGHT 2016 and and COPYRIGHT 2017 and COPYRIGHT 2018) Or are these
files not actually licensed to the ASF?
- Source release may contained compiled code e.g [20] my understanding is that a .mo file
is compiled from the .po file. I not sure if it could be classified as code however, but even
if that is so it may be best to remove them from the source release.

There is a few bits of missing licensing  information:
- How is the map date here licensed? [3] Is it from I can see
there is a credit in the code that has a link to How is that
code licensed?
- This file [7] is missing from LICENSE I assume it’s public domain? [8]
- This file [9] is licensed how? It seems to come from here [10] which says to contact the
author for a license.
- How is this image [14] licensed? (One reference I found said it could only be used for personal
use [21])
- LICENSE is missing license information for these fonts [15][16][17][18][19] The license
for Glyphicons Halflings is complex and in this context (outside of bootstrap) a commercial
license may be needed [22] and so it can’t be included.

Some other improvements that could be made:
- The LICENSE fieldworker is a little odd with headings like BSD 2-Clause licenses with noting
under them, people (or tools) may incorrectly assume that it does contain BSD 2-Clause licensed
- Make vote link link in future emails to lists.apache,org
- Sign release with an email address
- This [12] has copyright 2018 when it shovel be 2019


3. apache-superset-0.32.0rc2/superset/assets/src/visualizations/CountryMap/*
4. apache-superset-0.32.0rc2/superset/assets/vendor/cal-heatmap/cal-heatmap.js / .css
5 apache-superset-0.32.0rc2/superset/assets/vendor/parallel_coordinates/d3.parcoords.js /
6. apache-superset-0.32.0rc2/superset/assets/vendor/parallel_coordinates/divgrid.js
7 apache-superset-0.32.0rc2/superset/assets/vendor/pygments.css
9. ./apache-superset-0.32.0rc2/superset/assets/vendor/parallel_coordinates/divgrid.js
12. ./apache-superset-0.32.0rc2/docs/
13. ./apache-superset-0.32.0rc2/superset/translations/messages.pot
14. ./apache-superset-0.32.0rc2/superset/assets/images/babytux.jpg
15. apache-superset-0.32.0rc2/superset/assets/stylesheets/fonts/Roboto-Regular.woff
16. apache-superset-0.32.0rc2/superset/assets/stylesheets/fonts/Roboto-Regular.woff2
17. apache-superset-0.32.0rc2/superset/assets/stylesheets/fonts/glyphicons-halflings-regular.ttf
18. apache-superset-0.32.0rc2/superset/assets/stylesheets/fonts/glyphicons-halflings-regular.woff
19. apache-superset-0.32.0rc2/superset/assets/stylesheets/fonts/glyphicons-halflings-regular.woff2
20 apache-superset-0.32.0rc2/superset/translations/de/LC_MESSAGES/
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