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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Responsibilities and Improvements (was: Re: Whimsy general@ subs check
Date Wed, 06 Mar 2019 21:53:32 GMT

So I took a look at all the IPMC members not subscribed to the private list and looked at
how active they are aver the last year:
- 7 sent one email to the dev list.
- 7 sent a couple of emails to the list
- 4 sent a few more than that (but less than a dozen)
- 83 had no activity

Of their emails some could be considered “drive by” e.g. voting on releases but every
single vote (about 20 in total) were +1’s. So while not subscribed to the private list the
few IPMC that are active in that group have low levels of involvement and are helpful.

We get far more more activity on the mailing list by non IPMC members (I’ve looked at stats
for top 10 people who email the list in the last few months) and some of that is not helpful.

So a possible solution seems to be to moderate the list mailing list so that only IPMC emails
get through.

Well actually no I don’t think we should do that :-)  I think this shows that the issue
clearly isn’t to do with the IPMC size and removing those 100+ people would actually do
more harm than good and we should consider other solutions.

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