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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] introduce "[DISCUSS]" threads for podling non-ASF release candidates
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2019 22:00:05 GMT

> Yes, we should start recommending your approach.

I think the IPMC need to decide as a whole on that first. Perhaps call a vote?

> I am actually for this as normal course and instituting the “pTLP” as the new normal
as it is actually makes the PPMC more like a TLP from the start.

And perhaps keep this seperate from above.

One idea did occur to me and that is one solution may not fit all podlings and actually give
podlings some choice of what system they want to use when entering the incubator.

I also think it needs to be made very clear that some of the alternative suggestions, while
sound appealing (e.g. no IPMC votes mean we can get releases out faster), may in some cases
result in:
a) Podlings taking a lot longer to graduate
b) Issues being found where trying to graduate causing disappointment and delays
c) Mentors need to put in more effort especially when to come to steps pre-graduation, at
a time when not all of them may be as active
d) The IPMC may need to do more work at graduation time to check that everything is in order.

Now this might only be the case for the small number of codlings that run into trouble, and
for the majority it’s fine no matter what system is used.

Also I’ll note a -1 vote on a release shouldn't be a big deal (it’s not a veto), but a
-1 vote on a graduations would be a much bigger issue. Hopefully this wouldn’t happen and
it should be obvious in the discussion about the graduation that more needs to be done, but
podlings are going to be be keen to graduate and may overlook some advice at this point.

> (1) If a podling gets the 3 +1 binding votes from their mentors and/or IPMC members on
their dev list then they can release and use a [DISCUSS] thread to solicit improvements for
the next release rather than have a “useless” second round of voting on general@

I can point to many many case where the second round voting has been far from useless.

> (3) If “Unofficial” Apache Releases are allowed on the normal podling Apache Distribution
Channels then this [DISCUSS] thread can be used until the podling is ready for an “Official”
Apache Release. As I understand it this needs approval from Infrastructure.

And probably legal. i.e. Would the currently legal shield still apply and is the current disclaimer
adequate? Would it have an impact of the cost of that insurance?


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