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From "Mick Semb Wever" <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Graduate Apache SkyWalking (incubating) as a TLP(take2)
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2019 23:51:19 GMT

> I think the question is not "Is SkyWalking ready to graduate" but "Is 
> the proposed PMC list accurate".
> The PMC members are responsible for governing the TLP and as such need 
> to be familiar with what is expected of them. Governance activities are 
> conducted on the PPMC private list. If a PPMC member has not 
> participated in any governance activities during incubation, it's 
> unclear that they belong on the PMC. 
> Reviewing the last several months of private@skywalking list, most of 
> the discussion of new committers has had only four or five 
> participants, who are clearly involved in governance of the project. 

If this is a criteria then there are two trusted committers from the initial podling creation
that have since then not been active. They should be then removed. They are Sheng Wang and
Yuntao Li.
Those that were added in the last round will not have been involved in any private threads,
and only the vote threads are on private. Every other podling related discussion has happen
on the dev ML.

> Well the graduation was put off last time because the project was not correctly recognising
merit, and they have fixed that by voting more folks but but if they are not active then I’m
not sure what has been fixed. It seems this could be a symptom of the same problem? 

It is not. Those that have been added recently have had no need to be involved in any private
ML discussions, as there has't been any since. It becomes a bit absurd if those PPMC last
added can never be included in any podling graduation proposal. 

> Out of interest do we know who those 4 or 5 people work for (or the rest of the proposed
PMC members)? It’s good to have a PMC consisting of people from different companies.

They are from different companies:
 - Cloud Wise
 - Daocloud
 - Ke Finance
 - Huawei
 - Tingyun
 - Cianiao
 - Yonghui super market
 - VBill Payment Co.

And I don't see more than two PPMC from the same company.


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