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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: Draft email to member list to try and recruit some new mentors
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2018 23:02:02 GMT

Update of draft email below, if there no further feedback I’ll send this out is a few days.


The incubator PMC needs you!

We have a number of existing podlings [1] and several new podlings starting up at the IPMC
than need mentors.

As an ASF member all you need to do to become part of the incubator PMC  is to ask. [2]

Some reasons you may want to become a mentor:
- Share your experience and knowledge.
- Learn more about the Apache Way and how different projects operate within that.
- Be actively involved to helping a project become a top level project.
- Help build a community around a project
- Polish you skills on reviewing releases.

And, lets be honest, it looks good on a resume :-)

So what is expected of you? Basically this:
- Subscribe to the projects mailing lists.
- Scan lists looking for anomalies or possible issues.
- Encourage PPMC members to look for new committers and grow their community.
- Answer questions on incubator or ASF process and policy or direct them to the correct place.
- Keep the project's roster up-to date.
- Review/vote on proposed releases.
- Review/approve podling board reports.
- Help on podling setup and podling exit (hopefully graduation).

Mostly you just need to be aware of what is going on and for a smoothly running PPMC there
is little work. You can find full ist of responsibilities here. [3] If you would like to be
a mentor please get in touch.

(V.P. Incubator)

1. Airflow, Annotator, Crail, Daffodil, Edgent, Hivemail, Milagro, Myriad, ODF toolkit, Omid,
Openwhisk, Pony mail, Quickstep, Rya, S2Graph, Samoa, Sdap, Senssoft, Spot, Tamaya, Tephra,
Unomi, Warble and Weex


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