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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [RFC] Community Diversity and How to Encourage Collaboration
Date Wed, 24 Oct 2018 07:45:59 GMT

>   Recently I tried to propose a guideline to MXNet community to encourage
> PMC members to propose committers that comes from different organizations
> that they come from.

It shouldn't matter at all who a potential committer works for, their merit is gained by what
they do as an individual. Encouraging PPMC members to look outside their organisation for
potential committers is fine, but they should already be doing that.

If they are currently only putting forward people who work at their own company then there
is an issue. I’ve not looked so this may not be the case here. All contributions from anybody
should be treated equally irrespective of who they work for.

Perhaps there is another issue here?  Usually I find that podlings set the bar too high for
committership and it's often hard for people who are not employed to work on the project to
get committership, this eventually harms community growth and makes for a less diverse group
of committers.  Sometimes the issue is that people who contribute slow continual contributions
over time go unnoticed.

Even though a number of committers have been voted in, given the large number of contributors
[1] (629!) perhaps it time to make more people committers?



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