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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Email to be sent to inactive mentors
Date Sun, 09 Sep 2018 00:52:51 GMT

There been several discussions over several month on what to do about missing mentors. In
some case have a missing mentors is not an issue and there’s other mentors that can help,
whoever currently we have a number of podling with only one or two active mentors and the
board has concerns about the rate of report sign off and missing podling reports. (Both of
which could be a sign of inactive mentors).

Here the draft email I’m going to send out late next week (baring any objections) to all
inactive mentors (as listed in this document [2] with no activity for a podling). Feedback
on the text below welcome.

Given there will be 60 or so emails sent out, how do we want to handle this and the replies?
It’s going to generate a lot of noise on the list. I could make it more generic and contain
it to one thread but then we are likely to get mentors asking what podlings we are asking
abut or mentors that are active in other podlings objecting thinking that they are active.
Also should the replies go to general@ or private@, given people may have personal reasons
for not being active and may not want to share that in a public list.

It may be better to send off list (from my email address) and bring back a summary
here to reduce the amount of on-list noise.

If we don’t get a reply within a week I would suggest removing them as mentors and ask the
podling to start looking for another mentor if needed. They can ask to be added back  as a
mentor at any future point by asking their PPMC or asking here.

The email to be sent:

Hi <mentor>,

I can see you are are the mentor of <podling(s)> and haven’t been signing off reports
on a frequent basis or active on the mailing list in the last 6 months. We’re grateful that
you stood up as a volunteer to mentor this project, but things change and you may no longer
be in the position to be able to mentor this podling.

Could you respond to this email and indicate if you wish to continue as a mentor or step down.

Here’s a reminder of what mentors are expected to do. [1]

Justin Mclean (V.P. Incubator)




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