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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: Default project guidelines
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2018 06:10:53 GMT

> There is a lot of confusion if the approval should be censuses or majority for adding
or removing people in the various projects guidelines/bylaws. Consensus seem more common so
I went with that - that may be wrong.

Our docs are not clear on this either [1] states that consensus voting in only for code changes
(unless stated otherwise) but the page makes no mention of what type of voting should be used
for adding (or removing) committers or PMC members. However here [2] it seems that consensus
voting is the norm. Other links also imply consensus voting, such as [3], but could be just
confusing consensus with “consensus voting”. This page [4] mentions voting a lot but also
neglects to say if it should be consensus or majority. Even projects like HTTP use the term
consensus when talking about voting in PMC members and unanimous vote (an extreme form of
consensus) when removing them [5].

No wonder people don’t actually know.

Practically it may not actually matter which is selected as a -1 usually come with a good
reason and the out come will be the same, but it would be nice to know and have it applied
consistently in our documentation.


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