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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Default project guidelines
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2018 03:57:54 GMT

There been some discussion on bylaws/guidelines recently and it was suggest that the IPMC
document a default set for projects to use. So I’ve come up with a default set of guidelines
[1]  using links to existing content when I could find it. I tried to make it as minimal as
possible. Feedback and edits welcome. 

Most of the project guidelines and bylaws include 2/3 Majority or even 2/3 lazy major for
removal of PMC members or committers, but given that these terms are not defined in the Glossary
I just went with consensus approval, there are (very) rare events and only the board can remove
a PMC member.

There is a lot of confusion if the approval should be censuses or majority for adding or removing
people in the various projects guidelines/bylaws. Consensus seem more common so I went with
that - that may be wrong.

One other surprising thing is that most allow committers to veto code changes, strictly speaking
I think it’s only PMC members who can do that  but I can’t see that causing an issue as
good reasons are required for a valid veto.


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