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From Daniel Gruno <>
Subject Re: Email to be sent to inactive mentors
Date Sun, 09 Sep 2018 09:35:30 GMT
On 09/09/2018 11:33 AM, Justin Mclean wrote:
> HI,
>> There seems to be a bit of confusion here. I am not a mentor for Annotator, yet I
am listed as one.
> You listed as one here. [1]
> It get it’s info (I believe) from the podling.xml files which has this in it for Annotator:
>          <mentors>
>              <mentor username="niq">Nick Kew</mentor>
>              <mentor username="brianm">Brian McCallister</mentor>
>              <mentor username="humbedooh">Daniel Gruno</mentor>
>              <mentor username="jim">Jim Jagielski</mentor>
>          </mentors>
> Is that information perhaps out of date or incorrect? You are also listed as the champion.
> 	<champion availid="humbedooh">Daniel Gruno</champion>
>> I did champion it (and offer advice/help on occasion), but AIUI the champion's duties
officially stop once the project has entered incubation and gotten set up.
> They can be the case, but some champions also continue on as mentors.
> I take it from that that you would like to be removed as a mentor and not sent the email?

I honestly don't have the time to mentor them in an official capacity - 
if I'm listed as anything but champion, then yes, remove me as a mentor. 
I'll continue in a low-capacity to provide help when I can, but I have 
other priorities first and foremost :)

> Thanks,
> Justin
> 1.
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