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From mck <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache SkyWalking (incubating) version 5.0.0-beta
Date Tue, 22 May 2018 12:33:21 GMT

> Voting will start now (May 18th, 2018) and will remain open for at least 72 hours, Request
all IPMC members to give their vote.

> [ ] +1 Release this package.
> [ ] +0 No opinion.
> [ ] -1 Do not release this package because….

My vote: +1 (binding)

My notes:

 - Peng Yongsheng, please remember to keep your english (ascii) name in the email from field
along with your real name: 彭勇升 
When you sent the mail to IPMC there was no english name accompanying your chinese name. Sheng
is consistent in this practice, so is a good example. 
I know it's unfortunate, but those of us that can't speak chinese simply find it too difficult
to distinguish and remember the chinese characters and names.
This will also hinder you from getting responses and votes.

 - I agree with Stian that '5.0.0-beta' should have been labeled either '5.0.0-beta-0' or
You can't make any presumption about how many release attempts will be required to get a successful
And each attempt requires a new version name, that is you should not overwrite release tags
nor uploaded binaries. 
Even if you make a mistake, just move onto the next version: 5.0.0-beta-1, 5.0.0-beta-2, 5.0.0-beta-3,
That is, it's perfectly acceptable to "skip" version numbers, because you made a mistake during
the release process or the vote fails. You also can't make any presumption about how many
beta or rc releases you'll need to make _before_ the community is ready for a GA release.
The number of beta/rc releases is not fixed or predetermine. I also think it is good habit
to never re-tag or uploaded over an existing version. If you take this approach Peng, then
the releasing step becomes less ambiguous, for example the binary and source version is always
the same as the git tag. 

 - "72 hours is not a time-out, but a minimum period"
This is important. It is crucial to be patient. There's nothing wrong with waiting a week,
it's all up to the cadence of the developers you've got.  For those that have families, or
for whatever other reason, it is all too easy to be missing-in-action for a few days.

 - "sponsored by Incubator" instead of "sponsored by the Apache Incubator PMC"
Good catch Stian. Something to fix in master so it's correct when the next release comes around.


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