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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Apache Gobblin 0.12.0 release RC2
Date Sun, 01 Apr 2018 22:12:30 GMT

It's hard to come up with a single simple sentence that applies in all cases. So when I said
"if something is bundled then it's license and copyright needs to be in LICENSE not NOTICE.”
I’m wrong as it's not going to all cover all cases.

For bundling Apache licensed (v2) bits of software the copyright isn’t in the license. If
the software has a NOTICE file then that is very likely going to effect your NOTICE file -
which I think what Sebb was getting at and this is certainly the most common situation.

In general other permissive licenses (like MIT and BSD) include a copyright line in the license
text and theres’s no need to include anything in NOTICE.

Then we come to required notices which are going to be uncommon. The licenses with required
notices (ignoring ALv2) that I know of are the BSD with advertising clause (Category X), CDDL
(list of modifications and how to get source) and MPL (info how to get source code) which
are both Category B. None of these would be bundled in a source release (but may affect a
binary one). I can’t think of any category A license which has a required notices. Does
anyone know of one?


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