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From Nick Kew <>
Subject Milagro Rescue Roadmap
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2018 15:35:25 GMT
Posting to both dev@milagro and general@incubator.
As champion for Milagro, I feel responsible for this.

In retrospect, Milagro probably entered the incubator
prematurely.  It has got hung up on issues of process
and infrastructure, and project activity hasn't
migrated to apache.

John has, for very good reasons, proposed retirement.
However, a poll on the subject attracted a crop of -1 votes:
people don't want it to retire.

I added a mentor note to April's (late) report:

  "Retirement vote got a crop of NOs, though some of those may
   have misunderstood its purpose.  I'm proposing those who
   support continuation make concrete progress in time to report
   (on time) in May.  Failing that, I will support retirement."

I think what we need right now is a roadmap to bring work
to Apache.  That'll need the Milagro community to identify
what's holding it back, and us all to determine whether it
makes sense to resolve at apache or retire it to its
prior home at github.

Would folks be happy for me to set up a page for this purpose
under wiki/incubator?  I would propose a skeleton (mainly a
set of headings) and look to the community to flesh it out.

Nick Kew

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