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From "Lewis John McGibbney"<>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Storage-class memory ecosystem program
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2017 07:24:46 GMT
Hi Gary,
I was watching this thread evolve a while back and ended up dropping it. I have been working
on Apache Gora (Generic Object Representation using Avro) for a number of years. Gora is described
as follows

The Apache Gora open source framework provides an in-memory data model 
and persistence for big data. Gora supports persisting to 
 * column stores,
 * key value stores,
 * document stores,
 * distributed in-memory key/value stores,
 * in-memory data grids,
 * in-memory caches,
 * distributed multi-model stores, and
 * hybrid in-memory architectures 
Gora also enables analysis of data with extensive Apache Hadoop MapReduce 
and Apache Spark support. Gora uses the Apache Software License v2.0.

Please send me an invite to the slack channel <lewismc at apache dot org>


On 2017-10-19 11:55, "Gang(Gary) Wang" <> wrote: 
> Hi all,
> We can expect more and more projects will take the huge potential
> advantages of storage-class memory for data processing and analytics
> because silicon companies are able to produce high capacity non-volatile
> memory on a large scale, this hardware technology will fundamentally change
> the way to construct high performance applications similar to what happened
> when replacing tape with disk technology since the 1980s. so if possible, I
> advocate establishing an Apache working group to enhance the collaboration
> and synergies mentioned by Patrick Stuedi for storage-class memory
> technology-oriented projects.
> Best.
> Gary.

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