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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: Urgent: Regarding Java package name change to org.apache.*
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2017 15:12:48 GMT
Alex Harui wrote on 8/3/17 10:37 AM:
> From the peanut gallery:
> Does the PPMC get to decide what constitutes a "very good reason" or does
> the IPMC and after graduation, the board?
> Flex has not changed its packages in the 5 years at Apache.  We felt
> backward compatibility was and is a "very good reason".  It was way more
> important to not require folks to alter their code in order to move to the
> Apache versions of Flex.  Also, we are not using Java/Maven so there isn't
> really a shading option.
> On the other hand, it seems like it could be confusing for Apache projects
> to have packages starting with "com.".  Flex's packages start with "mx" or
> "spark" (the component set names).

This is the only significant point for me.  I would be -1 on TLPs
continuing to ship a* package for the primary code for the

*If* there is a long history of use and expectations of compatibility,
and *if* the package names are not reverse-domains but are just
component names, then that's fine to keep the package names.

> Seems like a more refined guidance would be that:
> 1) packages starting with "com" (and maybe org.somethingOtherThanApache)
> should be changed as soon as possible/practical

Any packages that use the reversed domain name prefix.

> 2) there is no recommendation for other package prefixes

It's still a best practice to use org.apache.*, unless the package
prefix is long-used and is based on component or functionality names.


- Shane

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