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From "P. Taylor Goetz" <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Notice to Podlings RE Facebook BSD+Patents License
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2017 18:30:22 GMT
Hi John,

The only thing I would add is that it might help to point out some of the projects that use
the Facebook BSD+Patents License — namely React which constitutes the greatest exposure
among projects.


> On Aug 19, 2017, at 11:31 PM, John D. Ament <> wrote:
> All,
> I plan to send the below email, or some form of it, to all podlings in the
> coming days.  I don't think anything on here is private or confidential so
> I don't think it's an issue discussing it in the open.  Podlings who may be
> reading this, please understand that this is a draft only.  Feel free to
> discuss and provide input on this list as well.  Do not take the contents
> of this email as a final decision or path forward until you have received
> it on your dev list.
> -------------------
> Dear Podlings,
> I'm writing to inform you of a legal decision that has been made that may
> impact your podling.  During a recent request [1], the foundation reviewed
> the license on a project called RocksDB which at that time was licensed
> under the Facebook BSD+Patents License.  Based on the foundation's review,
> it was determined that software that used this license fell under what we
> call Category X, the category for all licenses that may not be included in
> Apache products.  In turn, RocksDB was relicensed to the Apache license.
> This license is used in a number of other Facebook Open Source projects.  A
> request was then made to relicense other software under the Apache
> License.  This request was declined.
> I wanted to reach out to all podlings at this point to reiterate the goals
> of incubation.  We don't expect that you have perfect releases while in the
> incubator, but that by the time you exit the incubator you are complying
> with foundation policy around all of your releases.  So what does this
> mean? Basically, while you are incubating if you are using a project that
> is shipped with this license you should follow these guidelines:
> - While producing a source release, ensure that no source code with this
> license is in your release.
> - Avoid creating a binary release with this software in it.
> - Podlings who are not already using software with this license should not
> add it as a dependency.
> - By the time you graduate, you must have removed this as a dependency
> within your project.
> Basically, we are counting on the fact that a disclaimer is present in your
> release bundle to mitigate the foundation defined incorrect release
> structure.  There may be some podlings that feel that the libraries in
> question are critical to their functionality.  Many of these libraries have
> alternatives to consider which you may find useful.  However, if you get to
> a point where you feel that switching is a blocker to being a successful
> project, please bring it up with your mentors and/or other IPMC members so
> that we can help you plan for a way forward.
> Regards,
> John D. Ament
> VP, Apache Incubator
> [1]:

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