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From Sean Busbey <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Livy Proposal for Apache Incubator
Date Mon, 22 May 2017 19:30:36 GMT
On 2017-05-21 09:46 (-0500), "John D. Ament" <> wrote:
> On Fri, May 19, 2017 at 7:45 PM Sean Busbey <> wrote:
> >
> > == Reliance on salaried Developers ==
> >
> > The existing contributors to the Livy project have been made by salaried
> > engineers from Cloudera, Microsoft and Hortonworks. Since there are three
> > major organisations involved, the risk of reliance on a single group of
> > salaried developers is mitigated. The Livy user base is diverse, with users
> > from across the globe, including users from academic settings. We aim to
> > further diversify the Livy user and contributor base.
> >
> There's a disconnect between this paragraph and the initial committers
> list. Specifically, no one from Microsoft is represented (as best as I can
> tell).

Ah, this lack of clarity is my fault as an editor. One of the initial
committers was recently employed by Microsoft but is now in the
process of changing employers. Another person formally affiliated with
both the project and Microsoft has decided not to continue

I could rephrase this to talk about the contributions made to date as
being from individuals then in the employ of three major companies.
Then call out the initial committer list as from two of those and one
unaffiliated. Would that read clearer?

> > Cloudera currently owns the domain name: which will be
> > transferred to the ASF and redirected to the official page during
> > incubation.
> >
> >
> I'm assuming that the incoming project is aware that we expect the main dev
> landing page to be . We will want to track this
> as a project specific item.

Yep, once all the docs are moved over to ASF infrastructure we can
just have the current domain act as a redirect. Should I call this out
in the proposal?

> > == Git Repository ==
> >
> > git://
> >
> Just to confirm - it'll be incubator-livy, not just livy.

right right. I'll correct this when making the other edits.

> > == Issue Tracking ==
> >
> > We would like to import our current JIRA project into the ASF JIRA, such
> > that our historical commit message and code comments continue to reference
> > the appropriate bug numbers.
> >
> I would recommend reaching out to infra to see if the import is possible
> before voting on the project. Otherwise you'll need to list out an la

Sure I can reach out. I've seen this done a few times, so I consider
it low risk. The end of your line appears to have been lost, what's
the "Otherwise..." ?

> > = Sponsors =
> > == Champion ==
> >
> > * Sean Busbey (
> >
> > == Nominated Mentors ==
> >
> > * Bikas Saha (
> > * Brock Noland (
> A couple of points:
> - Sean, while the champion and mentor roles are separate, we do hope that
> all champions will continue on as a mentor. If this is your intention
> please add yourself.

After having to withdraw from mentoring a couple of podlings at the
end of last year I am conservative about what my volunteer time looks
like right now. I'm certain I can spare the time to help the Livy
community get introduced to the incubator. I'm not certain beyond
that, so I am not listed as a formal mentor.

>  - All mentors must be on the IPMC. Foundation membership isn't a
> requirement, however most people use membership to get access to the IPMC.
> If Bikas wants to be a mentor, he'll need to join the IPMC otherwise you'll
> need to find 2 mentors.

I was pretty sure Bikas had already done this step. I'll chase this
down and find the disconnect.

> - Do the proposed mentors have a relationship to the incoming project, e.g.
> do they care if it succeeds from a corporate interest standpoint?

I'll let the mentors answer for themselves here, as I won't presume to
know their specific motivations for volunteering.

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