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From Katherine Marsden <>
Subject Re: Looking for additional mentor for Edgent with community growth ideas/focus
Date Tue, 16 May 2017 22:21:44 GMT
On 5/16/17 2:17 PM, John D. Ament wrote:
> William,
> Great presentation this afternoon.
> I'd like offer to help you guys as a mentor, you do currently have 4
> mentors.  Are all 4 mentors active in the project?

Hi John, I am not involved in the project from a technical perspective, 
except I helped initially setting up the website and have done some 
release testing and filed a few bugs.

As mentor I have been mostly just offering solicited and unsolicited 
advice and maintaining the project status page (hmmm haven't looked at 
that in a while, better check), posting the maturity model to the wiki 
and reviewing and signing off on reports, etc.

I would be happy to commit to continuing  with this minimal role as 
mentor  or step aside if that makes more sense given the number of 
mentors if you will take over maintaining the project status page.  I 
think the project needs your help a lot more than mine right now as the 
folks working on the project seem to totally have a handle on everything 
on which I could provide guidance.  If anyone on the project has 
questions that I could answer,  I still certainly would be available to 
answer.  One ppmc member requested I stay on for my "timely advice" [1] 
but I certainly am never shy about giving  advice no matter my formal 
role.  I am sure she wouldn't mind if I stepped down in my formal mentor 
role if I stuck around on the dev list which I plan to.




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