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From Craig Russell <>
Subject Re: Donating freemarker-online as part of the FreeMarker project, how?
Date Thu, 23 Feb 2017 06:15:29 GMT
Hi Daniel,

> On Feb 22, 2017, at 9:24 PM, Daniel Dekany <> wrote:
> Wednesday, February 22, 2017, 8:12:32 PM, Craig Russell wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Sounds like the easiest way to handle this is as you described. 
> If we can do that, that's great! I will wait a few days to see if
> someone else has anything to add, then I will assume that the
> Incubator PMC has agreed and I will go ahead.
>> Get a CCLA from Kenshoo with
>> describing the code being contributed
>> Add any current Kenshoo employees 
>> Get an ICLA from non-Kenshoo folks
> I'm a bit confused regarding the last point above. We already got
> ICLA-s from the non-Kenshoo folks at the ASF, but they have
> contributed code to a non-ASF project back then. (Do we rather need an
> SGA from them maybe?)

If you have ICLAs from all of the non-Kenshoo folks then nothing else is needed from them.
The ICLA is not project specific.

>> Create a git repo for the new content
>> After we accept the CCLA, generate a pull request and take in the code
>> Change package names
>> Change license headers
>> Craig
>>> On Feb 22, 2017, at 10:39 AM, Daniel Dekany <> wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> This is related to the incubating FreeMarker project.
>>> A company called Kenshoo has developed a simple but handy online
>>> evaluator service for FreeMarker, some 3 years ago, and they are still
>>> hosting it. Because they don't develop this service anymore, and
>>> because timely pull request merging and deployment seems to become an
>>> issue, we would like to bring the source code over to be part of the
>>> FreeMarker project. They are willing to donate the source code to the
>>> ASF.
>>> As of the more technical aspect of this, the FreeMarker project has
>>> multiple Git repos, one for each "product" (one product is the engine
>>> itself, another is the documentation/website generator Ant task, and
>>> yet another is the website content). These are separate products,
>>> because their versioning/releasing is independent. We would like to
>>> add one more such Git repo and product, for freemarker-online.
>>> We are trying to find out what's the most efficient yet legally
>>> acceptable way of doing this. Just as an example, after the repo was
>>> created and we add LICENSE and such, we could, technically, accept a
>>> pull request from Kenshoo if they sign a Corporate CLA. I know it's an
>>> extreme approach as they contribute to an almost empty repo, OTOH we
>>> are talking about only 31 classes and some build files (~160 KB source
>>> code). Anyway, how should we do it?
>>> The source code we want to bring over:
>>> Note that the 2 contributors from outside Kenshoo are also FreeMarker
>>> contributors, so we can get any papers needed from them (as there was
>>> no CLA signed at Kenshoo).
>>> -- 
>>> Thanks,
>>> Daniel Dekany
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>> Craig L Russell
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> -- 
> Thanks,
> Daniel Dekany
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Craig L Russell
P.S. A good JDO? O, Gasp!

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