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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Podling report format changes
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2017 13:52:33 GMT
John D. Ament wrote on 1/24/17 8:15 PM:
> All,
> The Incubator PMC has received feedback from the board that changes may
> need to be made to the structure of our report.  Specifically, there is
> confusion from the board members over how podlings get classified.  There
> is also a request to increase and improve mentor feedback on podling
> reports.  Based on this input, I would like to propose the following
> changes to our report format.  I would like to try to implement this for
> the March report, if not before then.
> 1. Eliminate the podling summary section of the report.  It shouldn't be on
> the report manager to classify each podling.  We have begun leveraging a
> maturity model for podlings, while its not required to fulfill it serves as
> an equivalent to this section.  The list of podlings who failed to report
> shall remain.

+1, if this simplifies work it's fine.

> 2. Add a "Podling Maturity Assessment" to the individual podling reports.
> This would give a clear opportunity for each podling to describe how they
> are doing, perhaps compared to the maturity model or our classic categories.

+1, with a general encouragement to start each with a simple category.
That is, when scanning the whole report, it would be very helpful to see
one of "Ready to Graduate", "Some Community Growth", "No Release" and
"Still Getting Started" or a similar set of values.  Any additional
description is great, but having fairly consistent markers really helps
get a sense of progress across the whole incubator.

Personally I like the maturity model, so using that is great, but I do
understand that we may not always have cycles to use it.

> 3. Change the mentor sign off section to include a per-mentor comment.
> E.g. instead of the current:
>   [ ](podling) mentor1
>   [ ](podling) mentor2
>   [ ](podling) mentor3
> It would be:
>   [ ](podling) mentor1
>   Comments:
>   [ ](podling) mentor2
>   Comments:
>   [ ](podling) mentor3
>   Comments:
> And rename Shepherd/Mentor notes: to just "Shepherd notes:"

Big +1.  Having even a sentence for most mentors with their thoughts is
a huge improvement if we can get it.

> Thoughts?
> John

Thanks, John!

- Shane

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