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From "Huxing Zhang" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Weex to enter the Apache Incubator
Date Fri, 25 Nov 2016 16:50:15 GMT
+1 (non-binding)
From:Edward J. Yoon <>
Time:2016 Nov 25 (Fri) 06:47
To:general <>
Subject:[VOTE] Weex to enter the Apache Incubator

I would like to call a vote for accepting "Weex" for incubation in the
Apache Incubator. The full proposal is available below.  We ask the
Incubator PMC to sponsor it, with myself (Edward J. Yoon) as Champion, and
Luke Han, Willem Jiang, Stephan Ewen, and Niclas Hedhman volunteering to be

Please cast your vote:

[ ] +1, bring Weex into Incubator
[ ] +0, I don't care either way,
[ ] -1, do not bring Weex into Incubator, because...

This vote will be open at least for 72 hours and only votes from the
Incubator PMC are binding.


= Weex Proposal =

== Abstract ==
Weex is a framework for building Mobile cross-platform high performance UI.
Weex enables developers to use Web-like syntax to build iOS, Android and Web
UI with a single codebase.

== Proposal ==
Weex provide an uniform Web-like syntax for develop native Mobile App UI. By
leverage the Javascript engine that enable dynamic update, the process of
App interfce and content update can be simple and controllable just like
Web.Compared with WebView based UI framework which performance are limited,
Weex use build-in native components instead.

Because of tag based syntax that maintain a consistent style with Web
standards Weex using. Developers write in this language just like writting
in HTML. After transforming to JSBundle by Weex tools, these tags will be
rendered by build-in platform-specific components. The logic part of Weex
syntax write in Javascript which don't need be compiled control these

The vision of Weex is to complement gap between platform-specific Native UI
and Web technical based UI in Mobile age. The team behind Weex believe that
dynamicly interface update and high performance should be achieved at the
same time when people develop a Mobile App. Meanwhile duplicate work between
the different platforms should be avoided.

== Background ==
Prior to Weex, in order to develop high performance mobile application we
need write at least three different codebase(iOS, Android, Mobile Web) or
adopt WebView based UI technique(Apache Cordova for example) which can't
satisfy the demand for performance.

A special task force at Alibaba Inc try to provide a solution for this
problem has been setup since 2013.  At first the team release a
cross-platform rendering engine which render a special format JSON to native
components on different platform. To output this JSON file the team had
build a website which other developer can use to simply design final

Although This solution had worked for a while, we found it not able to meet
our UI developer's habits. Most of our UI developer have Web background
which make them used to use tag based language to design App interface.
Meanwhile we found the JSON file lacks of enough flexibility. The following
discussion inspire we start to develop Weex.

Nowaday, Mobile Taobao App which developed by Alibaba Inc, the largest user
volume eCommerce App in China has adapted Weex in a lot of UI. In the latest
November 11th promotions(Alibaba's annual Singles' Day online shopping
event), UI developers from Alibaba Inc have build more then 1,500 pages
using Weex, 99.6% of all the promotional pages. The ratio of less than one
second page open time is more than 90%, the frame rate is 53.0~58.5(depend
on device) due to the high performance of Weex. In addition to user
experience improvement, the productivity of page development and the
efficiency of content delivery both have been improved.

After open-source and have got a lot of followers in chinese mobile App
development community, several of popular Apps listed on chinese top charts
have adopted or planning for adopt Weex.(UCWeb, Tmall, YouKu, Suning etc...)

== Current Status ==
Weex has become an open source project since June 2016.  It has been used at
a lot of Alibaba producted mobile softwares which running on the mobile
phone of millions of users.

Weex code repository located at GitHub. All development activities have
already happened on GitHub as open source manner.

== Community ==
The community surrounding Weex is a variety of developer which have
different technique background.iOS, Android, Web developer must collaborate
closely to implement most Weex feature.

Currently total 61 contributors involved in the GitHub development process.
Weex repository has received 791 pull requests until Nov 2016.

Beyond committer from Alibaba Inc, Weex community welcome anybody join us.
Nowaday Evan You from Vue Technology LLC, Wang Run Xiang from Aipai Inc and
lots of GitHub users have contributed source code or document to Weex.

Weex syntax is inspired a lot from Web framework Vue.js. For better future
of both Weex&Vue.js, we have cooperated with Vue.js community from begin of
Weex. The main author of Vue.js Evan You have became committer & mentor of
Weex in the first half of 2016.

At the time of this writing (Nov 2016) Weex GitHub star number is 8249,
watch number is 1841, fork number is 1090.

Weex use GitHub issue for problem tracking and technical discussion.
Currently 813 issues have been submited, 756 of them have been solved.

== Initial Developer ==
 * BryantWu (Alibaba Inc)
 * LuicsXu   (iOS/Android, Alibaba Inc)
 * Jin-JiangZhao  (Web/Node , Alibaba Inc)
 * Tai-ChengHuang (Web/Node, Alibaba Inc)
 * FengYin    (iOS, Alibaba Inc)
 * YuanYin      (Android, Alibaba Inc)
 * BobNing       ningli928@1 6    (iOS, Alibaba Inc)
 * WeiZheng  (Android, Alibaba Inc)
 * YorkShen (Android, Alibaba Inc)
 * SaiHe    (Web, Alibaba Inc)
 * BonoLv     (Web/Node, Alibaba Inc)
 * GurisXie     (Testing, Alibaba Inc)
 * AtomTong  (Testing, Alibaba Inc)

== Meritocracy ==
The intent of this proposal is to start building a diverse developer and
user community around Weex following the ASF meritocracy model. After Weex
becoming an OpenSource project, we have been working to make an open
governance structure for project leadership to encourage individual and
company involvement and contributions.

== Alignment ==
The Weex community believes that the Apache Software Foundation promotes and
enforces the sort of community that will best serve the future of the
project. It is also believed that Weex can enhance the ASF by expand the
technical scope of ASF in Mobile age.

== Relationships with Other Apache Products ==
We think Weex is an effective supplement to Apache Cordova. Both Apache
Cordova and Weex help developer for leveraging Web development technique in
Mobile age. Boot developer the ability of delivering consistent content to
different platform. With our sincere heart and determination to open source,
we will always keep an open mind for Apache community.

== Known Risks ==

=== Difficult to refuse platform-specific features ===
"Write Once Run Everywhere" is one of original goal of Weex. But as Weex
provides more feature, we have received more suggestions for implement
single platform exclusive feature.

=== Inexperience with build international community ===
Although we are full of passion about build a successful Opensource project
and a community, Weex initial team lack of experience about participate in
international community. After consulting with our mentors, we know modesty
will be our code of conduct in Apache community.

=== Homogeneous and Reliance on salaried developers ===
Since the Weex Project has been mainly developed to date by Alibaba Inc, the
vast majority of initial committers to the project are from Alibaba Mobile
engineering team. As an Opensource project, Weex project has received lots
bug fixes and enhancements from other developers(not Alibaba Employee). We
will continue to encourage more independent developers to participate in

We know Apache Way is about people, not corporations. After Weex developer
community grows, we hope the contribution ratio from Alibaba salaried
developer will decrease.

== Source Code ==
 * Main repository:
 * Weex transformer:
 * Weex toolkit:
 * Weex loader:
 * Gulp Weex:

== Documentation ==
 * English Document:
 * Chinese Document(English first, currently only partially docs have been
translate to Chinese):中文文档

== External Dependencies ==
 * semver( developed by Tom Preston-Werner, licensed
under the Creative Commons - CC BY 3.0 License.
 * core-js( developed by Denis
Pushkarev, licensed under the MIT License.
 * vuejs( developed by Yuxi Evan You , licensed
under the MIT License.
 * scroll-to ( developed by
TooTallNate, licensed under the MIT License.
 * Chrome V8( developed by Google Inc & V8
project authors, licensed under BSD License.
 * css-layout( developed by Facebook
Inc., licensed under the BSD License.

== Required Resources ==
 * Mailing Lists
 * Git Repos
 * Issue Tracking
   * JIRA Weex (WEEX)
 * Continuous Integration
   * Jenkins builds on
 * Web
   * wiki at

== Sponsors ==

=== Champion ===
 * Edward J. Yoon (edwardyoon at apache dot org)

=== Nominated Mentors ===
 * Luke Han ( luke.hq at gmail dot com )
 * Willem Jiang (willem.jiang at gmail dot com)
 * Stephan Ewen (sewen at apache dot org)
 * Niclas Hedhman (niclas at hedhman dot org)

==== Unofficial Mentors ====
 * Longda Feng (hustjackie at gmail dot com)

== Sponsoring Entity ==
 * The Apache Incubator

== Next Goals ==
 * License all Weex source code and documentation to the Apache Software
Foundation. (We already using Apache license for our main code repository)
 * Setup and standardize the open governance of the Weex Project.
 * Move Weex development activity to Apache infrastructure ( Git repository,
Mail list )

Best Regards, Edward J. Yoon

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