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From Longda Feng <>
Subject Re: Seek one Champion for incubating Weex project
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2016 03:14:08 GMT
Yoon,  Thank you very much.  It will be our pleasure to have you as a champion.

I think we can discuss the project and draw up a plan in the next
weeks.  Let's keep in touch.


From:Jinjiang Zhao <>
Send Time:2016年11月4日(星期五) 10:59
To:general <>
Cc:general <>; weex-apache
<>; Stephan Ewen <>;
luke.hq <>; hedhman <>; willem.jiang
<>; Longda Feng <>; Casey
Bisson <>; bryan <>
Subject:Re: Seek one Champion for incubating Weex project

Great! It will be our pleasure to have you as a champion. Maybe we can keep
in touch and we are glad to show you more details about Weex :-)



On Nov 04, 2016, at 05:35 AM, "Edward J. Yoon" <> wrote:

Weex team,

I'm recently developing a cross-platform runtime javascript framework and
its backend service [1], so I'm very interested in learning this project. If
you think we can make some synergy, feel free to add me as a mentor, or
champion. I can help.


Best Regards, Edward J. Yoon

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From: Benjamin Young []
Sent: Thursday, November 03, 2016 11:13 PM
Cc: weex-apache; Stephan Ewen;;; willem.; Longda Feng
Subject: Re: Seek one Champion for incubating Weex project

Hi Jinjiang and Longda,

Were you all able to find a Champion for the Incubator? I'd hate to see this
great project miss out on benefiting from the Apache Way.

Please let us know if you're still in need of help finding a Champion or




From: 略쏩쉭 <>
Sent: Tuesday, October 11, 2016 5:18:03 PM
Cc: weex-apache; Stephan Ewen;;; willem.; Longda Feng
Subject: Re: Seek one Champion for incubating Weex project

Hi I'am Jinjiang Zhao from Weex team.

Weex hope to help more people build their mobile apps with high perf easier
and faster. Just write once run any platforms. Also it uses HTML, CSS,
JavaScript syntax and is more friendly for frontend developers.
Very glad to know every guys.



瞳 2016쾨10墩11휑,09:54,Longda Feng <> 畇돛:
The Weex team are looking forward to one champion for Weex

Any help is appreciated.

Weex is a framework for building Mobile cross-platform UI. Weex
allowsdevelopers to build iOS, Android and Web user interface with a

The project is pretty hot in github
,there are more than 7000 stars on it, there are more than 200
membersin the Weex forum. We want to donate this project to the ASF
andincubate this project in ASF. At the same time, due to there is
fewproject in the UI field, If the project can incubate in the ASF,
Ithink more wonderful projects in these field will join ASF in

Right now, there are 4 mentors in our project, but we are seeking
onechampion for our project. If you are interested in this project
orwant to help us, please feel free to contact us.


The following is the Weex proposal
Weex Proposal

## Abstract
Weex is a framework for building Mobile cross-platform UI.

## Proposal
Weex allows developers to build iOS,Android and Web user interfacewith
a single codebase. Compared with WebView based UI framework
whichperformance and features are limited, Weex preserves its
lightweightdevelopment pattern and improve the user experience by
high-qualitynative view and native features at the same time..

Weex provide a tag based language which maintained a consistent
stylewith Web standards. Developers write in this language just
likewritting in HTML. After transforming to JSBundle by Weex
build-intools, these tag will be render to higher-level
platform-specificcomponents using Weex SDK.

Because Weex use JavaScript as UI operation and data
processinglanguage which don't need compile before execute in user's
Mobilephone. Interface implemented by Weex is "Dynamic". At the time
of thiswriting , another famed dynamic Native UI framework is React
Nativewhich developed by Facebook Inc .

Weex and React Native share some common features but have
differentlanguage syntax. React Native use specific JSX , whereas Weex
usevanilla Javascript .React Native set target that to replace
wholeMobile App development process, whereas Weex allow developer
choosewhich page in Mobile App should be implemented by Weex freely.
Atprinciple level React Native adopt "Learn Once, Write
Anywhere",whereas Weex keep "Write Once, Run Everywhere" on different
platformdevelopment environment.

We think Weex is an effective supplement to Apache Cordova. BothApache
Cordova and Weex help developer for leveraging Web
developmenttechnique in Mobile age. Boot developer the ability of
deliveringconsistent content to different platform. With our sincere
heart anddetermination to open source , we will always keep an open
mind forApache Cordova community.

## Background
Prior to Weex, in order to develop high performance mobile
applicationwe need write at least three different
codebase(iOS,Android,MobileWeb) or adopt WebView based UI
technique(Apache Cordova for example)which can't satisfy the demand
for neat user experience on criticalInteractive scenes.

A special task force at Alibaba Inc try to provide a solution for
thisproblem have been setup since 2013. At first the team release
ancross-platform rendering engine which render a special format JSON
tonative components on different platform. To output this JSON file
theteam had build a website which other developer can use to
simplydesign final interface.

This solution had worked for a while. We found it not able to meet
ourrequirement , the website be use to design interface have too
manylimitations , the JSON file be use to render final interface
lacksenough dynamics. The following discussion inspire we start to

Now days, Mobile Taobao App which developed by Alibaba Inc ,
thelargest user volume eCommerce App in China have adapted Weex in a
lotof UI. We have measured Weex page and prior Mobile Web page which
havesame interface design and content with Weex page by A/B testing in
oneof Mobile Taobao shopping guide product. The result show the
BounceRate drop from 5.5%(Mobile Web page) to 1.7%(Weex page).

## Current Status
Weex have become a open source project since June 2016. It have
beenuse at a lot of Alibaba producted mobile softwares which running
onthe mobile phone of millions of users.

Weex code repository located at GitHub . All development
activitieshave already happened on GitHub as open source manner.

## Community
The community surrounding Weex is a variety of developer which
havedifferent technique background. iOS,Android,Web developer
mustcollaborate closely to implement most Weex feature.

Currently total 43 contributors involved in the GitHub
developmentprocess. Weex repository have received 517 pull requests
until Aug2016.

Beyond committer from Alibaba Inc,Weex community welcome anybody
joinus.Now days Evan You from Vue Technology LLC, Wang Run Xiang
fromAipai Inc and lots of GitHub users have contributed source code
ordocument to Weex.

At the time of this writing ( Aug 2016) Weex GitHub star number is4935
, watch number is 1829 , fork number is 500.
Weex use GitHub issue for problem tracking and technical
discussion.Currently 437 issues have been submited , 362 of them have

## Known Risks
"Write Once Run Everywhere" is one of original goal of Weex. But
asWeex provides more feature ,we have received more suggestions
forimplement single platform exclusive feature.

## Source Code
* Main repository:
* Weex transformer:
* Weex toolkit:
* Weex loader:
* Gulp Weex:

## Documentation
* English Document:
* Chinese Document(English first , currently only partially
beentranslate to

## External Dependencies
* semver( developed by Tom Preston-Werner ,licensed
under the Creative Commons - CC BY 3.0 License.
* core-js( developed by
DenisPushkarev , licensed under the MIT License.
* vuejs( developed by Yuxi Evan You
,licensed under the MIT License.
* scroll-to ( developed
byTooTallNate , licensed under the MIT License.
* Chrome V8( developed by Google
Inc& V8 project authors, licensed under BSD License.
* css-layout( developed
byFacebook Inc., licensed under the BSD License.

## Next Goals
* License all Weex source code and documentation to the ApacheSoftware
Foundation. ( We already using Apache license for our maincode
* Setup and standardize the open governance of the Weex Project.
* Move Weex development activity to Apache infrastructure (
Gitrepository , Mail list )

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