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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: Looking for a mentor for Gossip and Rya
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2016 20:32:29 GMT
Thanks, John! Will do that now before I forget.

John D. Ament wrote:
> That and update podlings.xml
> On Nov 10, 2016 15:04, "Josh Elser"<>  wrote:
> Actaully, I should probably ask: is there any sort of formal process we
> need to go through to officially add a new mentor on a podling? Or, simply
> add her name to
> Josh Elser wrote:
>> Thanks for volunteering, Billie! We're very lucky to have you.
>> Billie Rinaldi wrote:
>>> I can help out with mentoring Rya.
>>> Billie
>>> On Tue, 08 Nov 2016 00:03:48 -0000, Sean Busbey<>  wrote:
>>> Subject: Looking for a mentor for Gossip and Rya
>>> Hi Folks!
>>>> Sadly, other commitments in my life require that I step down the
>>>> amount of
>>>> volunteer time I spend on the ASF. I had originally thought that I'd
>>>> still
>>>> have time for mentoring the two podlings I've been involved with (Gossip
>>>> and Rya), but it doesn't look that way.
>>>> As such, I'm hoping someone on general@ might be convinced to step up in
>>>> either case. My need to step aside should not reflect on the podlings
>>>> themselves; they're both doing just fine for where they are in terms of
>>>> project maturity.
>>>> If the particular technology aims matter:
>>>> Apache Gossip (incubating) is creating a foundational library for
>>>> distributed systems to use the gossip protocol to make peer-to-peer
>>>> networks. It's written in Java.
>>>> Apache RYA (incubating) is an RDF triple store built on top of sparse
>>>> key-value stores (specifically Apache Accumulo is currently the robust
>>>> exemplar implementation). It is also written (mostly) in Java.
>>>> I'd say Rya is farther along the path to graduation, but neither podling
>>>> is particularly demanding in terms of kinds-of or amounts-of attention
>>>> required.
>>>> Anyone interested in transitioning onto one or both?
>>>> -busbey
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