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From 冯嘉 <>
Subject Re: Incoming Website Changes
Date Sat, 26 Nov 2016 02:23:38 GMT

great job. thanks john. all parts will greatly help for our guys project start incubation,

发自我的 iPhone
> 在 2016年11月25日,22:26,John D. Ament <> 写道:
> All,
> I'm planning to start committing a number of website changes.  These
> changes are a summary of my experience bootstrapping podlings, questions
> I've received (both on and off mailing list) from people trying to do
> setup, and ways to leverage new infra services.
> Here's a summary of the current changes:
> Mentor Guide:
> This is the most substantial area changed.  The page has been reordered to
> list the steps to take in the order to take them.  The current format has
> it all over and makes it hard to follow when you should do what.  In
> addition, I've added links to reporeq, Incubator ML requests, and
> PPMC Guide
> I added a section clarifying binding votes within the PPMC, stating that
> they're only binding for people issues, not releases.
> Proposal Guide
> I updated the champion section to clarify that champion should be found at
> the beginning of proposal formation, which is earlier than the current
> "before submitted" step.  I also clarified that the champion's role is
> around the proposal and entering the incubator, separate from mentors
> (something we had agreed to a while ago, but was missing in this guide).
> Graduation Guide
> Added a link to the Maturity Model as a step to follow for graduation.
> I plan to commit these changes later today, and make more changes soon to
> keep more documents up to date.
> John

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